Mezcal, Tequila and Agave Cocktail with Japanese ingredients bar in Azabu, Tokyo. EL FUJIYAMAー



  • 1.Jun.2024(Sat.) It's fully reserved on this day.
  • 26.Mar.2024(Sun.) Our bar is introduced on CATHAY MAGAZINE
  • 13.Apr.2024(Sun.) Tacos 3hermanos will hold a pop-up event in EL FUJIYAMA from 11am to 3pm & 5pm to 9pm. We won't do the normal operation on this day.
  • 9.Mar.2024(Sat.) We will be closed for joinning in an event in Sangenjyaya.
  • 4.Mar.2024(Mon.) We will join to serve mezcals in Toranomon Yokocho with BBQ610.
  • 29.Jan.2024(Mon.) We will appear as a guest in Bar LIBRE Ikebukuro to serve some mezcal cocktails.
  • 4.Jan.2024(Thu.) We are open from this day.
  • 31.Dec.2023(Sun.) We take new year holidays from 31th Dec. to 3rd Jan.
  • 26.Aug.2023(Sat.) On 26th and 27th, August, we won't be opened as usual, because we will run a booth on the street in Azabujubna Summer Festival with Tacos 3Hermanos!
  • 25.Aug.2023(Fri.) We will close at 11pm on 25th August, because of the preparation for Azabujuban Summer Festival.


"If you love real Mezcals, you will like our drinks"

Unfortunately, there are too many who think mezcals to be smokey. Actually, not all the mezcals are smokey. There are too many other varieties and too smokey ones tend to be not good and cheaper commercial ones.

So, if you expect mezcals to be just smokey drinks, you could be disappointed to have our drinks.

And for example, our cocktails are like very much Mezcal. Not like usual cocktails. Because, we selected different bottles or agaves of Mezcals for each cocktails, considering their characters and we put importance to draw their characters as much as we can even for cocktails. As a result, you maybe feel that our cocktails are too much strong, when you expect normal cocktails.

"We just have Mezcals, Tequilas and Crafted Agave Cocktails"

We are offering just mezcals, tequilas and crafted Agave cocktails with Japanese ingredients, without any other liquors, spirits and white sugar.

Though we have some beer and Michelada, we want you all to have experiences with Mezcals in some kind of Japanese way. It will be like a fusion experience of Mexico and Japan.

And for our cocktails, we use different types of agave for each cocktails. For example, Tobala with cacao, Madrecuishe with yuzu, Tepeztate with shiso and so on.

The bottles on our back-bar are mainly brought back from Mexico by our selection.

"We don't use any other liquors except for self-made infused Mezcals and Tequilas"

One of the reason why we recommend mezcals and tequilas is that they won't cause hang over, as long as you don't mix them with other alcohols. So we don't use any other liquors and we are making self-made infused tequilas and mezcals for our cocktails, instead. For example, Ancho chile, Hoji-cha(Japanese roasted tea), Orange peel, Artichoke and camomile infused ones and so on.

Addition to this, we don't use white sugar, too. Instead, we mainly use agave nector to add sweetness to our cocktails.

We offer you to have completely pure Agave experiences with Japanese touch.

"We have privates stock bottles as well"

Actually, we are importing some brands of mezcals and tequilas. And we also had LA MEDIDA mezcal to provide our private stock bottles, called "Koty's selection for Japan", with their help and passion.


*770 yen cover charge per preson will be added.

*Because of being one person operation and all the cocktails are from scratch, it takes time to make cocktails sometimes. So please make sure that you have enough time.

*The bar is very tiny and we just can offer the seats for customers up to 4 persons in a group. So please come with smaller number of people, if you can.

"Cocktails(Crafted Pure Agave Cocktails with Japanese ingredients)"

#1, Japanese Ginger Pepper Mezcal:
Ginger, Japanese black vinegar, Japanese small orange, Sansyo(Japanese spice), Single estate Espadin mezcal 2,750

#2, Mole Miso Mezcal:
Cacao, Almond, Ancho chile infused mezcal, spices, Miso, Tobala mezcal 2,970

#3, Mezcal Shiso Smash:
Shiso, Amazake(Japanese non-alcohol sake), Kabos(Japanese citrus), Tepeztate mezcal 2,750

#4, Mezcal Yuzu Negroni:
Self-made vermouth with mezcal, Yuzu, Madrecuishe mezcal 2,860

#5, Mezcal Matcha Old-Fashioned:
Matcha, Tequila Anejo, Citrus, Tobasiche mezcal 2,750

#6, Mezcal Espresso Martini:
Espresso, Kinako powder(Japanese sweet roasted bean powder), Tobala mezcal 2,970

#7, Mezcal Paloma:
Grapefruit, Key lime, Kumquat infused mezcal, Soda, Espadin mezcal 2,530

"Cocktails(Standard and Traditional)"

Margarita with 4 kinds of Tequila Cascahuin: 2,530
Mezcal Margarita with LA MEDIDA mezcal: 2,750
Tequila with lime and soda: 1,100
Mezcal with lime and soda: 1,430

"Mezcal Shot"

From 1,430

"Tequila Shot"

From 1,100


Michelada with ASAHI: 1,760


Bar Info

【Bar Name】

Anniversary Bldg. 2F, 1-6-4, Azabu-juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan




【Business Hour】
From Tue. to Sat. 7pm - 12pm(11:30pm L.O.)
*Closed on Sundays, Mondays and National Holidays

【The nearest station】
5 minutes walk from the exit #4 of Azabujuban station / 3 minutes walk from the exit #7 of Azabujuban station

【Credit Card】

Free Wi-Fi available.

10 seats(including 6 counter seats and 2 x 2 table seats)

【Smoking or not】
Basically, No Smoking.